Enhance Endpoint Network Security with EDR software

EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response software is a powerful tool for enhancing organizations’ network security. Detection of threats and responding to them with suitable solutions are the two leading roles EDR software plays at endpoints.

Why is cyber security essential?

In our day-to-day life, several cyber-attacks, such as unauthorized access, theft, and manipulation of financial data, can lead to significant financial losses. Losses are not only for an individual but also for organizations. In addition to financial losses, many currency and economic systems rely on critical infrastructure such as power grids, telecommunications networks, and transportation systems. Cyber attacks on these systems can cause or disrupt entire operations, causing economic damage and social disruption. Enabling cyber security measures is mandatory to protect against such fraudulent activities and financial losses.

edr software?

EDR Software & its contribution:

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a type of cyber security software designed to detect and protect against endpoint threats. Endpoint refers to all sorts of computing devices connected to a network where we can send or receive data. The endpoints are computing devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Servers, and Mobile. Signature-based and behavior-based threat detection methods are used to identify potential threats. An automatic alert message will be sent to the security team as soon as a threat is detected.

EDR software not only automates alerts but also plays a vital role in managing the endpoint from the malicious process. Two types of techniques used here are

  • Signature-Based Detection: Works by comparing the behaviour of a file or program to the database of known threats. 
  • Behavior-based Detection: Look after unusual or suspicious behaviour on the endpoint.

The uniqueness of EDR Security:

Remote work has become a more commonly used endpoint security system for more organizations. EDR security solution is vital for both the company and the end user mainly because of their protection against cyber threats. In other words, it can also be defined as the market’s best reactive defense and detection system. Plays an important role not only in proactively identifying threats, protecting and improving the organization from cyber threats, and managing cyber security.

Features of EDR software:

  1. Endpoint Visibility
  2. Real-time Threat Detection & Response
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Automated Response
  5. Behavioural Protection
  6. Cloud-Based Solution

Like EDR( Endpoint Detection and Response), EPP ( Endpoint Protection Platform) is essential in providing real-time protection against known threats. It works by preventing malware and other malicious software from entering the organization’s endpoint. In this case, known threats such as viruses, worms, ransomware, and Trojans are protected by using antivirus and firewall security. One common point in two different security technologies is endpoint protection. However, they are designed to safeguard endpoints from different threats by using different levels of protection.

EPP solutions are more effective for basic protection against known threats, whereas edr software are effective against more complicated threats. Moreover, EDR requires advanced machine learning and analytics detection systems for better protection and response.

Below are some of the top companies using this EDR software for their endpoint cyber security protection.

Ø Microsoft

Ø Comodo

Ø Xcitium

Ø CrowdStrike

Ø Carbon black

Ø Symantec

Ø McAfee

Ø FireEye

Ø Palo Alto networks

Applications of EDR:

  1. Threat Detection: Sophisticated threats such as zero-day attacks and malware functions can be easily detected by monitoring endpoint activities and behaviours. 
  2. Forensic Investigations: Helps to collect a wealth of data about network connections and endpoint activities for better identification, comparison, and prevention of future attacks.
  3. Vulnerability Management: In case of any known threats, it helps to manage its vulnerability easily with the help of automated response. 
  4. Security Monitoring: Helps to detect and alert security teams in case of any suspicious activities.

Organization Compliance: Industrial rules, regulations, and standards can be monitored, and security logs can be maintained easily with the help of this EDR software.

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