The EDR CrowdStrike Suite of Products Protects NC State Network From Cyberattacks

NC State utilizes the edr crowdstrike suite of products to secure its network from cyberattacks. This cloud-delivered solution includes next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and managed threat hunting to defend against potential cyber threats.
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Real-Time Detection

Organizations often rely on multiple security tools to detect and mitigate threats, providing increased visibility but creating noise from false positives and multiple platforms to manage. To optimize real-time detection and response capabilities, extended detection response capabilities such as CrowdStrike Falcon Insight or Carbon Black XDR offer real-time detection capabilities with extended detection response capabilities such as these two services.

EDR Crowdstrike

Both companies are advanced endpoint protection providers with stellar products and stellar reputations and offer EDR tools with special protection against unknown threats that surpass traditional antivirus solutions. EDR tools work by uploading transcripts of system events like program launches and network connections into cloud-based detection infrastructures, which then use machine learning technology to identify potential threats before they attack your network.

As well as detecting and countering threats, this software protects networks against DDoS attacks, ransomware, and phishing by blocking access to sensitive information. Furthermore, this protection software can detect data breaches by detecting malicious code files while preventing malware from infecting computers or devices.

Cortex XDR is an extension of CrowdStrike Falcon that offers a single solution for all workloads. This unified offering includes next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint detection and response, threat intelligence, device control, and a security operations center – offline protection, cloud app safety features, and protection from unknown threats. Although more expensive than FalconXDR software solutions, CortexXDR offers offline protection and a shield against unknown threats that prevent further breaches.

Automated Response

Along with detecting and responding to threats, this software also prevents ransomware by blocking it when an endpoint is disconnected and offline from the internet. Virtualization technology virtualizes registry components, COM objects, and file systems of an endpoint to defend against zero-day attacks, providing an interactive threat dashboard integrating cross-domain telemetry data.

Crowdstrike Falcon Insight EDR is an advanced next-generation antivirus and full cloud endpoint detection and response platform capable of rapidly detecting and responding to any malicious activity on any endpoint device or network. Analyzing billions of events, the EDR solution analyzes those matching known indicators of attack (IOAs) while applying security logic derived from CrowdStrike Intelligence for security logic implementation. Falcon Insight utilizes cloud architecture that returns query results within five seconds, even on remote systems.

The platform is deployed across thousands of devices as an agent that does not modify system settings or require reboots without altering or disrupting them. Even when their connection with the cloud is severed, agents continue sending and receiving data and remain intact during reboots. Falcon Insight is easy to deploy and manage, helping schools reduce operational risk with minimum effort. They are recognized as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms in 2022 as well as by Forrester Research as Visionary in their 2017 Endpoint Detection and Response providers Magic Quadrant, deployed centrally at Stanford across Low, Moderate, and High-Risk Data systems managed by BigFix/Jamf Windows/Mac systems as defined by Stanford Information Security Office.

Advanced Analytics

CrowdStrike Falcon XDR offers advanced detection, analysis, and response capabilities to protect businesses against sophisticated attacks. It delivers real business value by helping SOC teams be more effective, efficient, and accurate – as well as helping reduce workload and investigation time.

This solution easily consolidates and normalizes threat data using one centralized console, offering a rich contextualized attack surface for better visibility and decision-making.

Furthermore, it can easily integrate with other systems for comprehensive coverage.

Lightweight agents collect threat data in the cloud for analysis – one key advantage over point tools in the market. Furthermore, this solution has search capabilities across large amounts of historical data and has partnerships with companies that push their threat intelligence directly into its system for enhanced protection.

Additionally, this solution offers a managed hunt service with world-class experts to track advanced threats. This can help improve security and avoid data breaches while its unified command console simplifies tasks and automates workflows.

TDK Electronics trusts Falcon to secure its endpoints. With its NGAV and EDR technologies detecting malicious activity and blocking it from spreading, Falcon provides comprehensive protection across its infrastructure. Anti-malware/exploit protection enables fast response times, while memory scanning/evasion prevention features can block even sophisticated attacks.

Human-Led Threat Hunting

CrowdStrike provides both signature-based and signatureless EDR software solutions. While traditional programs rely on known threat lists for protection, signatureless programs utilize machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect suspicious activity – helping protect devices against unknown malware attacks. CrowdStrike also utilizes Carbon Black antivirus for complete protection against threats.

As it’s cloud-native, our platform can be deployed quickly and without hassle, even to thousands of endpoints simultaneously! Plus, its lightweight agents can be set up within minutes without altering local system settings or needing to be rebooted for installation.
Additionally, CrowdStrike can detect and isolate compromised endpoints to help stop attacks from spreading further – known as network containment – this feature sets it apart from legacy solutions.

With today’s increasingly sophisticated threats, it is becoming more vital that organizations implement proactively managed threat-hunting capabilities like those provided by CrowdStrike to detect any breaches before they cause substantial harm. CrowdStrike can detect breaches weeks or even months ahead of when legacy software would have found them alone.

Falcon can assist security teams in quickly identifying the most serious threats by taking advantage of built-in world-class threat intelligence, which includes automated sandbox submissions and actor profiles. Furthermore, this platform helps teams understand adversary behavior better so that more informed decisions can be made regarding how best to respond.

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