Crowdstrike Endpoint Detection and Response

Crowdstrike is an advanced endpoint detection and response system designed to prevent ransomware. OIT is currently implementing this solution on DataCenter virtual systems as well as OIT-managed Desktops and servers managed by OIT.

Configuring security policies from one console is made simple, while Falcon sensors minimize the impact on computer performance to help users remain productive.

Crowdstrike Endpoint Detection and Response

Falcon Complete XDR

Falcon Complete, is an advanced threat protection and incident handling service designed to bridge security skills gaps and stop adversaries while simultaneously simplifying operations and cutting costs associated with cybersecurity. By uniting industry-leading technologies with human expertise, this solution helps organizations quickly detect threats and respond accordingly.

The solution includes a threat-centric command dashboard that collects and correlates cross-domain telemetry data to provide actionable insight into the business ecosystem. It unlocks the visibility of cloud workstations, network devices, endpoints, etc. This enables the SOC team to detect, respond to, and remediate advanced threats more effectively.

CrowdStrike Security Cloud’s Cortex XDR utilizes cutting-edge machine learning and AI for unparalleled EDR and full spectrum XDR results at unparalleled speeds. It ingests 3rd party data from across enterprise sources – such as security management platforms, network firewalls, SIEMs, DevOps tools, and cloud security services.

With Falcon as its platform, this solution delivers next-gen prevention with CylancePROTECT for malware defense, USB device control for critical security use cases in IT and DevOps environments, and an analytics engine capable of detecting multi-vector fileless attacks. In real-world MITRE ATT&CK evaluations and AV-Comparatives tests, it achieved industry-leading fidelity detection results demonstrating industry leadership.

Falcon OverWatch

Falcon OverWatch is a managed threat-hunting service designed to enhance your security team’s capabilities. A first-of-its-kind offering, it combines CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence with an elite team of security experts in order to proactively hunt, investigate, and advise on sophisticated threat activity in customer environments – helping reduce alert fatigue while eliminating false positives caused by malware or exploits that bypass standard security technologies.

Overwatch’s 24 x 7 proactive human analysis is relentless. Threat hunters recognize that adversaries are constantly testing and innovating, so each threat they handle enables them to refine their skills, processes, and technologies so that they become increasingly influential at unearthing advanced threats. With Falcon OverWatch Elite, you have access to a dedicated threat response analyst that helps you anticipate, understand, prepare for, and respond effectively against even the most severe threats.

Modern attackers use sophisticated strategies beyond malware to breach organizations, using zero days, exploits, and other tactics designed to bypass traditional security technologies. 

CrowdStrike Falcon platform was specifically created to address such attacks by providing a unified set of cloud-delivered technologies, including next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint detection and response (EDR), as well as managed threat hunting capabilities – all combined into one cloud service platform.

Attacks targeting healthcare are on the rise, with an average breakout time for interactive intrusions into victim environments of 79 minutes. The 2019 Overwatch Report includes findings of this alarming trend as well as insight into some of the most dangerous threat actors and attack tactics they employ.

Falcon Discovery

Falcon Discovery is a security hygiene solution designed to identify unauthorized systems across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures in real-time. Additionally, this solution can detect unsupported software, detect rogue apps, and uncover any privileged accounts being utilized across an organization’s network. Falcon Discovery employs sensors as well as CrowdStrike threat graph technology in order to gain visibility without altering endpoint devices themselves.

The Falcon platform brings together world-class AI, comprehensive threat intelligence, and ever-evolving adversary tradecraft into an unparalleled security solution that delivers hyper-accurate detections, automated protection and response, elite threat hunting, prioritized vulnerability observability, and cloud-native architecture that allows it to scale to meet increasing security demands while decreasing management burdens and operational expenses.

CrowdStrike reports that traditional solutions leave significant blind spots when monitoring an organization’s external attack surface, and only 9% can successfully monitor 100% of their internet exposures. Falcon Surface transforms EASM by offering advanced discovery and monitoring capabilities powered by adversary intelligence, providing continuous visibility of an organization’s external attack surface as well as insights tailored to each business.

CS Falcon features an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to make it simple for security analysts to manage and monitor threats from any location in an organization. Scalable for quick deployment with one lightweight agent running in the cloud for quick detection and response against insider threats as well as outside threats, this solution offers rapid deployment with rapid detection/response time to prevent data breaches by both insiders and outsiders alike.

Falcon Intelligence

Falcon Intelligence is a cloud-delivered solution that gives visibility into adversary activity across your organization and prevents threats from reaching endpoints by combining threat intelligence, detection, and response.

Integrating third-party telemetry into its threat-centric data fabric reduces time spent triaging alerts, expedites prioritization and remediation efforts, and speeds incident response time. Utilizing MITRE ATT&CK framework alerts makes complex detections easy to comprehend for increased skills retention and rapid incident response times.

This solution offers automated analysis, threat intelligence, and investigative capabilities to detect attacks, identify attack paths, and respond faster. Its centralized management console simplifies day-to-day security operations and management tasks, while its powerful search feature makes finding events quick and straightforward. Finally, its intuitive UI enables you to monitor thousands of endpoints from one screen, allowing you to focus on only what matters when it comes to security issues.

Falcon stands apart from other security solutions by not requiring agents on each endpoint – instead, using lightweight sensors that quickly identify threats in real-time and analyze them before taking appropriate actions to protect systems in real-time. Real-time protection provided by Falcon sets it apart from competitors in the market.

Falcon offers an online portal offering various training options, ranging from basic how-to videos and tutorials to more in-depth ones, making learning the software simple even for newcomers. Furthermore, it tests well with JAWS + VoiceOver and has extensive accessibility testing.

Final thoughts

Xcitium EDR solutions that enable enterprises to gain comprehensive telemetry and attack progression insights are invaluable tools that enable enterprises to streamline patching and vulnerability repair tasks while investigating file-based events and process hierarchies within a device’s context to gain actionable intelligence while decreasing alert fatigue for security teams. 

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