Sentinel One ACTIVE EDR

SentinelOne ACTIVE EDR is an industry-leading endpoint detection and response solution. It detects brand-new cyber threats quickly while speeding up incident response times to reduce damage from attacks.

Reduce threat dwell time with granular visibility and massive attack telemetry retention up to 365 days, plus take advantage of robust API integrations for secure integrations.

Sentinel EDR


Deliberately and efficiently responding to threats takes both time and energy, but automated EDRs can save both in terms of effort and energy consumption. They allow SOC analysts to focus on more pressing matters while still having time to respond swiftly and reduce mean time-to-resolve incidents by bringing both detection and response together almost simultaneously.

SentinelOne’s proprietary technology prevents malware from running on endpoints, making it much simpler to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs). Furthermore, this EDR solution also blocks malware at its kernel level, eliminating its chance of running altogether and making SentinelOne an ideal choice for organizations seeking to strengthen their security posture.

Storyline technology from this solution gives security teams a better threat context. Security analysts can quickly search MITRE ATT&CK Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). In addition, this patented feature also enables multiple attacks to be combined into a single Storyline for incident triage and root cause analysis purposes.

SentinelOne goes beyond traditional EDR capabilities to deliver advanced AV capabilities and a comprehensive SIEM integration, featuring integrations with Google Chronicle, Splunk, Sumo Logic, and LogRhythm SIEM tools – as well as Microsoft Azure and IBM QRadar integration for maximum data visibility, including PAM/Security controls management.


SentinelOne stands out as an industry leader when it comes to AI-powered security, offering complete detection, response, and hunting for endpoints, cloud, and IoT environments. Their hunt methodologies, AI-powered behavior analysis, and robust anti-malware protection and countermeasures all add up to why they were named a 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for EPP services.

Their solution is a comprehensive endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform designed to protect against both known and unknown threats by employing machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect them in real-time. This technology enables organizations to stop sophisticated attacks such as ransomware while providing visibility into any attacks for digital forensics or incident response teams.

EDRs offer organizations an advantage over antivirus solutions. They can quickly respond to threats by deleting malicious files and stopping malicious processes without disrupting normal operations or necessitating a reboot. This feature helps prevent the loss of sensitive data and reduces the need to reimage infected machines.

EDRs also feature a rollback function to restore files to their pre-infected states, eliminating the need for IT teams to reimage infected machines after an incident, thus saving both time and resources. EDRs collect and analyze logs for indicators of compromise (IOCs) to automatically respond. Furthermore, SentinelOne’s STAR module allows users to customize functionality and policies, create automated detection rules, prioritize alerts accordingly, and manage alerts with SentinelOne.


EDRS accelerates data transmission from Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-2 satellites to European ground stations by connecting with them using laser beams as they pass overhead, then relaying it via an optical intersatellite link. This significantly shortens transmission times – an essential step toward making satellite observations actionable in real time.

Singularity agents use both file scanning and behavioral engines to detect threats during execution, with stealthy techniques monitoring for indicators of compromise (IOCs) and root causes of attacks detected. Threat characterization data is live-streamed back into the platform for assessment against customer-defined queries or intelligence hunt packs.

SentinelOne provides visibility that fuels multiple security workflows, from automated response to advanced forensics and root cause analysis. With complete forensic insight provided by SentinelOne, you are equipped to deal with sophisticated attacks hiding behind legitimate or untrustworthy processes, network connections, or physical structure of files within your organization – providing protection from sophisticated attacks that may hide behind legitimate or untrusted processes, network connections or files themselves. SentinelOne supports SIEM integrations with Splunk, Sumo Logic, and LogRhythm, while its robust API makes sending logs directly into these SIEM systems for analysis.


SentinelOne EDR provides organizations with an endpoint security solution that prevents data breaches and other cyber threats with one simple, comprehensive endpoint security solution. Utilizing machine learning and behavioral analysis techniques, SentinelOne EDR differentiates malicious from nonmalicious activity, allowing organizations to detect and block attacks before causing damage.

By employing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques, an EDR analyzes endpoint activity to detect suspicious patterns that could indicate an attack and send alerts to security teams, taking appropriate action against these threats and helping ensure your organization stays protected against new and emerging attacks.

EDR can be utilized alongside other security tools, including SIEMs. Furthermore, it allows matching against private IOCs-Indicator of Compromise-which makes it more effective at recognizing malicious activity. Furthermore, its speedy detection and resolution capabilities can save your organization both money and resources by speeding up detection times for breaches that arise within its network.

EDRs play an invaluable role in making manual searches more efficient for their users, allowing security teams to search large chunks of data without losing focus or becoming overwhelmed by false positives. Furthermore, security teams can access a library curated by researchers that reveals new indicators of compromise (IOCs and TTPs) while simultaneously making use of EDRs’ automated hunting rules to discover them proactively rather than being reactive via legacy systems.

Why choose xcitium EDR?

Xcitium is an EDR solution designed to protect organizations against cyber attacks. It enables monitoring endpoints and detecting suspicious activity on your system, as well as investigating and responding quickly without data loss or disruption in business processes. Xcitium offers various features, including Auto Containment to isolate infections such as ransomware and unknown threats as well as CPU-Virtualization threat prevention for CPU CPU Virtualization threat prevention, managed detection & response (MDR); advanced managed detection & response (MDR); advanced managed detection & Response (MDR); advanced managed detection & Response (MDR); etc.

Why Do Businesses Require EDR Software? With cybercrimes on the rise and annual costs increasing substantially, EDR software should be deployed across all business endpoints to prevent cybercriminals from accessing critical information and stealing digital assets from you. Furthermore, EDR helps your security team become more effective as it allows them to proactively investigate all threats in order to make your organization more secure.

ZeroDwell from xcitium provides you with a powerful tool designed to analyze 100% of unknown fileless malware using its intelligent analysis engine, only alerting when necessary and thus reducing alert fatigue for security teams and speeding follow-up actions such as patching or forensic investigations. Furthermore, its EDR platform displays attack vector data points on its dashboard, allowing for the full context of an attack as hackers try to breach your system.

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