Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response

Modern consumer and business antivirus/antimalware solutions employ signature detection to match potential threats against a database of known malware; if an attack matches, it’s stopped immediately.

What about unknown threats? Our EDR uses cutting-edge anomaly detection machine learning technology to block even the most sophisticated attacks – plus, it’s simple to deploy, manage, and integrate!

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response

Detects and Removes Malware

Skilled malware exploits entry points and security vulnerabilities to infiltrate your system, infiltrating through openings that leave vulnerabilities open for infiltration and setting hooks to cause severe damage. An average enterprise security team spends 25% or more of its time responding to false positive alerts (Ponemon). Malwarebytes protect proactively against new and emerging threats to prevent damage, reduce attack surfaces, and meet regulatory compliance requirements more efficiently.

Our advanced endpoint detection and response solution features Anomaly Detection machine learning to identify not only known malware but also “zero-day” attacks, helping you remediate and investigate incidents, including advanced ransomware. With its attack surface reduction capabilities, threat hunting for Indicators of Compromise searches, and remote worker optimization features, it makes an excellent addition to any current security stack.

Once EDR Malwarebytes detects an infection, it immediately begins blocking network connections and processes on the compromised endpoint before isolating it so as to restrict access to data and applications while still allowing the user to work productively despite an attack. With multiple modes of isolation, such as desktop and process isolation, available to them, users are able to maximize productivity even during an attack. Afterward, EDR Malwarebytes searches out and reverses any significant or minor modifications made by malware before returning it to its pre-attack state – making an attack unlikely!

Malwarebytes Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides practical yet cost-effective threat detection analysis and investigation services explicitly designed to meet the resource constraints of modern teams. Malwarebytes MDR analysts monitor and triage alerts 24/7 so your team can focus on what matters most – keeping their precious time for what matters.

Prevents unauthorized access to your data

Malwarebytes EDR is an endpoint detection and response tool that monitors all network devices, detects threats, and identifies suspicious behavior – allowing IT security teams to respond swiftly and stop unauthorized access to critical data. Furthermore, its granular isolation capabilities prevent lateral movement during attacks – providing businesses of any size with a robust solution.

Malwarebytes leverages advanced Anomaly Detection machine learning technology to protect endpoints against known and unknown threats, creating an accurate product with one of the lowest false favorable rates in the industry. This enables organizations to save resources while focusing on more pressing matters; its lightweight deployment makes it easy to integrate with SIEM, SOAR, and ITSM systems for enhanced automation.

MITRE Engeniity, MRG Effitas, and AV-TEST have recognized their malware detection solutions for their quality and usability; these labs recognize them for protecting millions of people around the globe each day – protecting millions of people as well as thousands of businesses daily – helping the company fulfill its mission to ensure everyone remains free from threats so they may flourish and prosper.

Malwarebytes goes beyond providing antimalware and antivirus software by also offering managed detection and response (MDR) services to help businesses identify attacks before they cause significant damage. This service is tailored towards resource-constrained IT teams, with 24-by-7 monitoring conducted by Malwarebytes’ team of MDR analysts.

Detects and Prevents Phishing Attacks

Security intelligence tools do not always detect and protect against ransomware, malware, trojans, rootkits, backdoor viruses, and brute-force attacks that other EDR tools overlook. Cyber-Ark also delivers remote worker optimization with high returns on investments (ROI) and low total costs of ownership (TCO).

Malwarebytes’ unique goodware model protects businesses by intercepting threats before they have the chance to cause harm, unlike signature-based approaches that wait for threats to arise and stop them when they do so. According to Ponemon research, enterprise security teams spend, on average, 25% of their time each month tracking thousands of false positive alerts, with our low footprint agent protecting against sophisticated attack vectors and helping avoid costly mistakes or missed attacks altogether.

Cyber attacks often overwhelm teams with cyber security threat alerts. Malwarebytes’ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) analysts monitor, investigate, and triage these alerts on behalf of your team so you can focus on more pressing tasks.

Unlock blind spots by consolidating all aspects of endpoint detection and response into one convenient console. Our user-friendly cloud dashboard provides real-time status of events and device health across your entire network, while its intuitive user interface enables fast prioritization and actionable guidance delivery. With “one-and-done” remediation, thoroughly removing infections in minutes allows for fast restoration to a healthy device state without lengthy dwell times or the presence of residual changes.

Detects and Removes Rootkits

Rootkits are malicious pieces of software designed to hide their presence on your system and grant attackers administrative-level access. Attackers may then use this access to execute remote commands on your device, steal data, or turn off security software such as antivirus programs. Rootkits also monitor keystrokes and activities on the computer so hackers can more easily gain access to personal information, including passwords.

Rootkits are unlike most types of malware. They rarely present visible symptoms and can be challenging to eliminate from a system, typically requiring professional rootkit removal tools or even system reinstallation to uninstall thoroughly. Malwarebytes endpoint detection and response offers real-time protection against various rootkits using real-time kernel modification protection, which stops kernel changes that would hide rootkits; the proprietary Malwarebytes Linking Engine tracks every change, artifact, and process alteration (including memory executables others miss) in order to detect infection sources and remove it permanently from systems.

Malwarebytes helps detect and stop ransomware attacks with its combination of real-time protection, ransomware rollback, and file restore features. This product automatically undeletes files that ransomware modifications have modified before restoring them to their pre-attack state once the threat has been eliminated.

Malwarebytes endpoint detection and response’s lightweight agent allows it to quickly identify threats with minimal impact on servers and workstations without hindering productivity. Furthermore, its patented goodware model and advanced machine learning technologies accurately verify suspicious files.

Xcitium Endpoint Defense and Response

Organizations need experts who can quickly detect and respond to cyber threats quickly in order to improve their security posture and protect digital assets. Unfortunately, hiring skilled analysts and SOC professionals is often costly due to specialized training requirements; therefore, organizations may opt for managed detection services from xcitium edr that offer threat labs, global threat intelligence feeds, verdict cloud response capabilities as well as comprehensive incident response services that may prevent attacks early and minimize any damage they cause.

Xcitium provides businesses with advanced endpoint protection to safeguard remote working environments with advanced endpoint security by combining detection and response into one software product. Easy to install and manage, its single dashboard displays all events, helping businesses protect networks against malware attacks while guarding against threats that go undetected by traditional antivirus solutions.

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